either a short film or an animated film.

Ok so this has been driving me crazy for a while now and I know I don’t have a lot of detail to help but here goes…

when I was a child maybe 10 (14 years ago) I watched this cartoon film, im not sure if it was one of those short films at the start of another movie, or a longer film. but what I remember is the film being based inside a factory or a warehouse, and in it they made EVERYTHING. They made ready to go houses straight off a production line. I can vaguely remember there being a female who was had a mean boyfriend. and I think I can remember another couple that were married or on their honeymoon. I know its not much help at all but it was a strange movie and it was a kids movie, I think It was around the original mickey mouse on the tug boat era… have the feeling its made by one of the big companies such as Disney… as it had some of those darker scenes (abusive boyfriend). If anyone has any idea of what im talking about PLEASE HELP!

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