Young woman searches underwater rooms for a relic/necklace

this film was late 80s or 90s. It was an American film (I think) it was in English. A young woman is searching for some kind of piece of jewellery that has some kind of religious significance? it’s a clue of some sort? To find it, she repeatedly dives into water inside of (if i remember correctly) a hotel that seems mostly abandoned. She seems to be alone in this hotel. There is not a lot of dialogue. I vaguely remember she is searching for her missing sister? but i could be mistaken. I think the film title begins with “The” . thanks in advance.

6 thoughts on “Young woman searches underwater rooms for a relic/necklace

    1. GG, you are brilliance itself. Can’t thank you enough. The scenes of her swimming in the room flooded with water are silent, eerie and unforgettable. Ok, I’m off to ebay to order this film. Cheers xo.

  1. You’re very welcome, Arran. There is a reason those underwater scenes are so beautiful. They are known to be the last work of the incomparable Mario Bava.

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