Young bride forced into marriage in 18th-19th century finally fells in love with him

Description of a scene in the movie:

Romantic movie, it seems like a 18-19th century movie (maybe less) where a young bride is forced to marry a man and goes to his estate, but he is understanding and doesn’t force her to anything.
In one of the scene, she falls from the cliffs in the high-tide (or I think she gets stuck on the shore/rocks because of high-tide) and her husband comes to her rescue by saving her from the water. But they get stuck on the rocks from the high-tide and he needs to heat her with his body heat so she doesn’t die of hypothermia (she’s like wearing those 18th-19th century big dress). And she finally realizes how good-intentions he is and falls in love with him at a certain point in the movie…

hope this helps!

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