you hate pineapple

so theres this one sci-fi-ish movie that i watched when i was like 6 or 7, it involves some type of red planet and there was this little kid whose big thing was he hates pineapple and theres like some book or something of ppl he looks up to and one of them is this one female astronaut but then he ends up siding with the bad guy and getting either red or yellow eyes (i cant remember which) and hes eating pineapple with the bad guy and one of the protagonists (a teenage girl) says something like “you hate pineapple” pls i cannot find this movie for the life of me and im convinced it doesnt actually exist outside of a weird fever dream help


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    1. @SecularSurfer: It’s “A Wrinkle in Time”!!! Thanks, was searching for it for a long time, could only remember that the small kid hates pineapples and later the sister remembers it.

  1. Omg I need to find this same movie I’ve been searching for literally years I thought I had made it up…. if you find it pls let me know!
    I remember the boy hates pineapple and his eyes turn red when he goes bad. Also I think I remember a scene where there’s a suburban street where all the kids are playing basketball in their driveways in grey tracksuits?

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