You are running… from yourselves!

I saw this movie on TV in the last 60s or early 70s, it was in color I think.

A man on the run from the law ends up hiding out in a small (Italian? French?) town, pretending to be a famous movie director.  He picks up a professional actor and actress, and much of the movie consists of him pretending to direct them in scenes, without revealing that he knows nothing of film.

In one scene, he films them sitting at a cafe table.  When they ask what their lines are, has says that they have no lines – that the scene is about the modern people’s inability to communicate.  So there is 5 minutes of then looking awkward.

In another scene, he says he wants to film them running through the streets of the town.  When asked what their motivations are, he replies, “You are running…. from yourselves!”

I remember this movie being very funny, and making fun of “method acting” and pretentious film critics.

Any help appreciated, this has been bugging me for years 🙂 !

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