Writer writes a book about his roommate

 I saw this movie on tv probably 10 years ago, but could be less than that but I’m sure that more than 5 years ago. It was an American movie and I think it was set in New York, a man and a woman for some reason decided to live together without dating or anything. The guy was a writer and the girl was maybe a saleswoman. The guy set some rules for the girl to follow but she was a mess and always broke those rules. It was his apartment and had a old lift like a cage or something. I’m not sure if they start dating but the girls wants to leave at some point and the guy tells her about the book he wrote about her. I think it was on a roof or something. 

5 thoughts on “Writer writes a book about his roommate

  1. no, I think the movie is too obscure or I mix 2 movies together, but I’m sure about the guy making rules and writing a book, now I’m not sure if it was about the girl or just a book but I remember the girl being happy so it was about her or just happy for the guy for writing a book. lol. sorry

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