women survivors on a car on desert

I only vaguely remember one scene.


A group of women (maybe there were men as well) were on the run, after surviving what seemed like a scary ordeal (so, likely a horror movie of sorts). Then some young  blonde from the group would carefully investigate something right in front of the car, while the others waited nervously. The scene seemed like a setup for a jump scare.


From the looks of it, it may have been late 90s, but most likely between 2004 and 2017.


It seemed like a cheap scary movie featuring scantily clothed women.

3 thoughts on “women survivors on a car on desert

  1. Yeah in Death Proof there’s a part where after being chased by Kurt Russel’s character one of the women (who had been riding on the hood of the car) goes flying into some bushes once they stop. After a tense moment where the other women in the car are silent and in shock she jumps up, perfectly fine. Bit different but could be that…

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