Women crushing grapes

It is a black and white English movie from 50s or 60s and the only thing I remember is that

‘The protagonist arrives at a strange place he finds that there are many big tubs (or pools) and there were 4-5 women (could be naked) in each tub crushing grapes with their feet, probably to make wine. The friend of the protagonist asks him to get into one of the tubs to crush the grapes. So, he takes off his shirt and gets into one of the tubs with women to do that.’

There are also some more things I remember but I am not sure if its from the same movie, but this could be of help.

‘The protagonist had a problem with memory and some agents were chasing him and he was running away from them, also suspecting every new person he meets.’

The possible titles could be Spellbound (1945) or Shock Corridor (1963), but I didn’t find anything on the internet about the grape crushing scenes in these movies. The setting and mood of the movie was very much similar to these two.

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