Woman who can’t handle the pain of the world commits suicide

This movie is probably from 80’s-90’s. Possibly early to mid 2000’s.

The main thing I remember is there is a young (18-40s) woman (possibly a black/dark-skinned woman?) who is “special” and have some weird spiritual capabilities (?) where I think she could see the sin in the world/feel the suffering & pain of people in the world. Sometime halfway to 3 quarters of the way through the film I think she could not handle the pain anymore and commits suicide (though I don’t think it happens on screen or is not explicit/shown in detail). I watched this as a kid so I don’t remember too much. This woman I don’t think was the main character, I think she might have been the sister (or close friend) of the main (or more important) female character??

4 thoughts on “Woman who can’t handle the pain of the world commits suicide

    1. No. That’s not it. And I’m pretty sure it was just the woman that committed suicide who had (weird) “powers”.

  1. I also keep on getting this imagery of a scene from the movie of the woman who commits suicide standing in knee deep (murky) water outside. The scene is darkish in lighting and may be next to a house, the surroundings are shrubbery/nature/trees.

    The only kind of other information I can come up with is things the movie is NOT. The movie is not a comedy/light-hearted romcom, a gorey horror, a fantasy/sci-fi, sports, a teen drama, a musical, a documentary, etc. I guess it would come under the Drama genre…probably? I dont think this was a indie movie/but probably not a blockbuster either. The film is probably adult in content/not aimed towards kids, and I think generally does not have a bright tone (visually or mood-wise)…

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