Woman Didn’t Murder All Those People!

When I was FAR too young to watch such a thing (mid- to late 80s), my parents allowed me to watch this movie where a woman keeps accidentally appearing to have murdered people. Like, she’ll stumble into a body, fall over and land with her hand on the knife. I think it was played for laughs… some sort of dark comedy?  I remember chalk outlines featuring prominently.  I did watch it on TV (probably a VHS video), but I’m pretty sure it was a movie. I’m curious why my parents let me watch it! Anyone have a guess as to what this movie was? I remember the part above and one scene where a bloodied man is banging on doors in an apartment building and ends up dying in her doorway… before he dies, someone hands him a wallet, thinking he is the bad guy and is trying to rob them (and of course it does him no good).  Again, she looks very guilty of a series of murders, but the audience can see that she totally didn’t do it.  I think she is on the run from the police for this reason, which makes her look MORE guilty.

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