Who Is the King Tonight? Horror Movie

Okay, I’m going to say I saw this cultish horror movie in the 80s, it was in color. In the horror scene, men were put on a wheel that looked like a game spinner.  If they could answer a question posed by the guy who was “king”, they spun again.  If it wasn’t acceptable, there would be an amputation of whichever limb fell on the pointer.  The scene appeared to be subterranean, there was a bit of a barbarian feel to the costuming but there was also a kind of cheerful charm.  I swear they sang a little song when the character who was the leader entered the chamber that asked “but who is the king tonight?”  It was a jazzy little number and that’s all I can remember.  Bless anyone that can answer this – it has plagued me for decades and no search has brought me any relief.

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