What’s the Title of This Flying Saucer Movie?

I’m looking for a movie that features a scene with a flying saucer in space circulating earth and shooting lightning bolts at our planet.  The only other scene I remember, although I’m not entirely sure it’s from the same movie, is a woman in a kitchen slitting her wrist.

I saw it on television , maybe mid to late 80’s.  The movie may have originally released in theaters.  It looked like it was made late 70s or early 80s, perhaps.  In English and in color, most likely from the US.

5 thoughts on “What’s the Title of This Flying Saucer Movie?

    1. Holy crap, that’s the movie. Thank you! Over the decades, occasionally the two scenes in my original post would pop into my head and I’d make a failed attempt on locating the movie. It’s bizarre I just remember those two scenes and nothing else. Thanks for the link to the trailer. You’re right, the whole movie is on YT. I’ll finally give it a re-watch after 30+ years. Thanks, again!

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