What’s the name of this movie please

I saw this movie pax six months ago I’m pretty sure it was on Netflix. A young blonde woman is either married to this guy or his girlfriend I don’t remember. They live in this like shack he is pretty controlling and abusive. She cheats on him with this rich guy with glasses. The boyfriend finds out and she leaves the rich guy. Her husbands friend ends up killing him in the swamp and the police think the woman did it. In the end her and the friend end up toghter. I can’t for the life of me rember the name of the film or the actors. I thought the woman was Evan Racheal Wood but it wasn’t. The husband is a theaft if I rember correctly. Please someone help me lol

5 thoughts on “What’s the name of this movie please

    1. Thank you thank you thank you. This about drive me crazy yesterday l googled everything I could think of and nothing. You’re the best.

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