What’s the movie where a man has his eye stripped by a crowbar?

 Hi folks, I’m searching for a movie I don’t know its name, can you help me?
 I think this is an american movie, its colorful and I’ve watched it in K7 tape. These scenes I gonna describe, I’ve watched when I was pretty child, so I’m not even sure they’re even from the same movie and it’s possible I don’t remember perfectly of the details, but I guess that they’re from a movie of the 80’s or maybe the beginning of the 90’s. It’s genre is thriller with horror. In one of the scenes, that happens, I think, at night, a man comes into an alleyway, where he comes across a small group of people, men and women I think, with a look of beggars or sectarians of some sect, and they strip his eye with a crowbar or some kind of metal bar.
    There’s another scene where shows up a cross that I think to be of dark wood and if I’m correct it’s burning.
    In another scene, at daylight, there’s a man that is fleeing or running on the city streets, maybe because he’s feeling being pursuited, and he passes running in front of a brick wall, that is being broken down by some of those cranes with a wrecking ball and the ball hits him. I wanna remember that I’m not even sure if these scenes are from the same movie.
    I had as answer the movie The Omen IV, but I’ve watched it and haven’t recognized any of the scenes, nor even the scene where the man is hit by the wrecking ball. I’ve watched this movie that I’m looking for when I was very little, thus I can’t be sure about the scenes, if I’m describing de facto how they are or if my imagination created fake memories, but the scene where the man is hit by the wrecking ball seems to be alike, but it’s inconclusive to me. The most important scene of all is the scene where the man has its eye stripped, it’s by this one that the movie can be found.
   I don’t believe this movie is so unknown, because I believe this movie is from some good movie production company.
   I’m wating for answers. Thanks.

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