What is this horror movie?

Looking for the name of a horror movie I watched On Demand about 2 years ago.  Guessing the movie was made after the year 2005.  All I remember is it had a young girl(maybe 10 years old-brown hair cut in a bob style)who moved into a new house with her mom/step mom(blonde hair).  The house had a swing in the yard. The little girl goes to the attic and finds a newspaper that showed the swing on the front page and the article stated a little girl(maybe 7 years old) was killed by her father(he hung her with the swing.) Pretty sure the mom worked in a nursing home.  The mom would also paint.  A scene I remember is the mom was painting on a ladder and she was pushed off the ladder by the ghost(the deceased girl in the article)and had to go to the hospital.  I believe it ended with the girl being in the attic and she sees the ghost girl at the top of the stairs wearing a white gown and she has blue skin due to when she died she was suffocated.

2 thoughts on “What is this horror movie?

  1. Are you thinking of sinister? Not quite the same thing, but a guy moves his wife and kid into a house (he is a true crime writer) and he finds super 8 footage of the family who lived there before all getting hung from the tree in the front yard…

    1. Thanks for your reply, unfortunately that’s not it. I would describe it as a straight to DVD type of movie.

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