What is the name of this horror movie?

Hi guys! Please help me out:)

I watch a horror movie when I was a kid somewhere around 2010 but I can’t remember the name of the movie. The movie might have been made before 2000.

The movie was in color and in english. I think I watch it somewhere in 2008-2012. This is what I can recall. (Hopefully I am accurate)

The movie began with a family (I think it was only a mom, a dad and a little girl) moving in to a new house while a ghost child watches them moving in the house. (I think the living girl was adopted or her birth mother died) Then the girl “befriends” the ghost (which I think was also a girl), and also the stepmother is pregnant. (I think is was a white house made out of wood and that there was a big green yard where the swing was. The house might have been a double story house, but not a modern house)

At one point the ghost girl tells the little living girl to jump off the roof of the house to kill herself, because then she will see her birth mother again. Luckily the stepmom saves her/ talks her out of doing it. I think that the father did not believe that the house was haunted. The ghost girl really terrorized the mother and had ill intend with the family. I think it is because the ghost girl lost her mom or something, but she want to ruin all the families that moves into that house.

I also recall the mom painting (I think the nursery wall) and standing on a ladder. Then the ghost girl shakes the ladder and causes the mom to fall, but I don’t think she gets a miscarriage. She gets hospitalized and I think after this the father realizes that the house might be haunted.

Then I remember that the family moved out of the house and the movie ends with a new family moving in while the ghost girl sits on the swing and the family have a little boy and then the boy “befriends” the ghost girl.

Please help me find this movie title, because it has been bugging me for years!



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