Western style movie (like a Sergio Leone) where daughters whistled a concerto

I saw a movie on TV in the mid 1970’s I think, which was in English (I think). It was in color I am pretty sure.

The movie was sort of a western, set I think in Mexico, which seemed quite similar to the Clint Eastwood / Sergio Leone movies. All I remember is there was a rich man with a big villa and he had one or two beautiful daughters, and they had the talent of being able to whistle a concerto of some kind of classical music.  There was a scene in maybe the parlor where one of the girls is standing next to the piano whistling this beautiful song.

The movie was a little funny, with some hero who was trying to woo the daughters or something.

I don’t recall the plot beyond that, but I would like to figure out what the movie was!


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