West Coast Disaster Movie

This was a disaster movie I’m reasonably sure. It was on the west coast, I believe LA but possibly San Francisco. One of the female characters (I believe it was another character’s daughter) is captured or kidnapped and held in some sort of electronics store. The captor is human but his flesh is gray and sickly and something just looked “wrong” with him. He didn’t talk. The girl finds and activates what appears to be an early cell phone or possibly a sat phone, since towers may have been knocked out. She texts the male character from it and his group comes and he shoots and kills the captor. They eventually are picked up by a plane. I saw it I believe early to mid 2000s on tv, but it may have come out a little earlier based on the cell phone. I think this was like “b plot” so to speak. There may objective i think was to stop the disaster

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