Weird/Obscure Horror Movie (Potentially from the 70s?)

My sister and I both have a recollection of a movie in my parents’ collection, although we only remember scenes and not the title. We watched it once in the early 90s and it’s haunted us ever since!

It was a VHS (obviously) in an all black plastic case and it the film started with a man going into a movie rental shop. The man behind the counter recommends a scary movie. The guy watches it and its like this compilation of super creepy, gross scenes. Like there is a group of sexy woman vampires. And then another scene with a pregnant woman writhing around on a bed with her knees and ankles tied, so she can’t give birth and then an alien walks in the room. And then there is also this scene where someone is getting nailed to a board.


I remember it as looking like a low budget creepy movie, but as I write it out, maybe it was slightly pornographic in nature? There was no nudity or anything, but it just was a really freaking weird movie.

2 thoughts on “Weird/Obscure Horror Movie (Potentially from the 70s?)

    1. Definitely ToT. IIRC, those were clips from, respectively, Vampire Hookers, To the Devil… A Daughter, and The Eerie Midnight Horror Show.

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