Weird surreal 90s indy film, house on small, cold, grassy island.

It’s been a while since I saw it so some of these details are super vague and might be wrong. Sorry.

Ok this film seems to have a budget of an indy film and no name actors that I knew. I can’t remember the country of origin, but it was in English.
It was shown on TV in the 90s late at night and appeared to be contemporary.

The parts of the film I remmeber took place on a remote cold island with only some grass and a house. I don’t remember if the film was Scottish, but it had a Scottish Island vibe about it (wet/windy).

The film had a surreal or fantasy element. I think mostly it was set in the real world but the island parts were either a dream or fantasy of some kind.

All I remember is that there’s a young guy and a girl on this island in a small house, one of them is always there and the other one just comes when he’s dreaming maybe??

I think one of them, the guy or the girl draws things which become real. At the end he (or she… i even forgot the character roles) draws a hot air balloon, and the other one turns up in this balloon to take them away from the island, they throw down the ladder, but for some reason she can’t climb up.

I know it’s super vague, but if anyone can help it’d be great.

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