Weird Insect psychological-horror from the past

Greetings. It was about 15-18 years ago so it’s gonna be a long shot.

Movie should be 80’s-90’s, watched it on tv but i am sure it was a movie, i still remember the production and the effects where quite…disturbing. Colored of course and 99% american, and i think it was a part for a series of movies, but you could watch the movie on it’s own, since it made total sense. Good thing is that i remember it fondly so i have a pretty good description of the concept. Here goes:

Woman moves to new apartment in old building while she gets befriended by an old woman (probably landlord of the building) that had a kinda slow son. If i remember correctly he was ginger. All kind of disturbing images appear to her, cockroaches, the slow son shows her a really ugly and big worm on the buildings roof that he brought out from a ventilator exit. At some point she sports this really huge cockroach in her apartment, tries to kill it but in the end she stays locked in the bathroom crying until sleep with the cockroach’s antennae caressing her hair from the other room under the door. EEEK. all i remember is i got this feeling of rosemary’s baby, like everybody was treating her nice but only because they had sinister plans for her. The thing i remember the most is the ending. Our female hero wakes in a cold room(probably butcher’s back fridge since i think i remember animal carcases hanging left and right when she does) only to discover in her dread (and mine) that she is turning into a big disgusting worm. I think after that she starts to scream or cry in despair and the movie finishes suddenly and i was left all alone young and helpless. Please help me locate this excellent psycho/insect horror 🙁


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