Weird Indy Movie With Taxidermy

Years ago when I was on heavy painkillers I vaguely remember a movie and have been trying to find the name. Some details may be plain wrong, but what I remember is:

  • This was an indy movie, probably British.
  • This movie was released before 2010
  • There were a few people in a house taken hostage by men with guns
  • At the end, one of the victims uses one of the gangsters as an art project (possibly taxidermy).

I’ll probably never find this odd movie, but thanks for reading.


Oddball o/

2 thoughts on “Weird Indy Movie With Taxidermy

  1. Not the film you are looking for i imagine but a quirky blackish comedy film by scorsazi called after hours has a person that gets covered and turned into a paper mache art piece.

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