Live action Movie about a tortoise/turtle

I can’t find anything on the web. What is this movie?…

About a bunch of kids living in this big house, (possibly with family), in a swamp open area type place. There is this “magical” tortoise/turtle that lives nearby who the kids have adventures with.

A couple of stand out scenes are one with they are on it’s back and it goes off a waterfall. The tortoise/turtle then starts flying and both the kids and tortoise/turtle are amazed he can fly.

The second stand out scene occurs right at the end. Everyone is saying goodnight to each other, when the kids say goodnight to the tortoise/turtle he verbally replied with “goodnight”. All the lights in the house come on in amazement and the film ends.

I’ve been racking my brains and can’t find or figure out what it’s called. Please please help.

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