Weird horror movie


I saw a movie, probably 2 years ago, about a group of friends who end up in a small village. In this village live a few older residents who wear masks of animals during the whole movie (at least, I think it were masks), a pig’s head is one of the images that I remember clearly. The group of friends are being haunted the entire movie, trying to not get killed by the older residents most of the time. The last thing I know is that the movie ends with the original citizens betting over wich ”friend” will be able to run the longest time over a grassfield that leads them out of the city.

At last, I want to apologize for the poor grammar and vocabulary of this post, I’m not really used to speak English…

Anyone know what I’m taking about? Please help me 🙂

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      1. animal-masked murderers have been popping up all over lately. happy to help, UM. thanks for confirming!

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