Weird ending with an archer brotherhood

Hi everybody!

I saw a movie on TV 10 years ago (around 2008 I think), it was a kind of horror/strange movie. It was actually quite good until the end. I can remember that the heroine went jogging, fell and hurt her knee. Then she stood alone on a flat : as she felt alone, the movie became weirder and weirder. She got fur that went out of her injury (!!), had hallucinations and nightmares. At the end, she fell in love with a guy, but discovered that he was part of an archer brotherhood that kills people (!!!) by digging up a chest in his “hut”. Then he chased her, and forced her to jump in a pit (!!!!). Finaly there is some kind of a rebirth for the heroine… What an horrible and strange ending! I wanna watch that crap again :p. Help me please!

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