Weird early 80’s or 70’s animated special

Hi everyone,

I only have a very faint memory of a weird sci-fi-ish cartoon that was shown in the early 80’s.  I think I remember the creatures eating some kind of green food out of a can.

I’m pretty sure it came on during the day but I think it was a special. It may have been shown around Thanksgiving.  The color scheme was dark, it wasn’t at all funny or cute, and I think it may have been either futuristic or oriented in some sort of other planet.  I think there may have been some sort of lesson intended to be taught.  It was in English and I think American made. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Weird early 80’s or 70’s animated special

    1. I watched it and although I didn’t distinctly remember any scene, I’m pretty sure that was it- it completely fits the description. Thank you!

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