Weird Comedy Horror Movie with Boobs

I watched part of this weird movie when I was a kid in the 90’s. It was on Cinemax or another pay channel, because I know my parents paid for them, and I know that due to the type of movie it was it’s unlikely it would have been on another channel. I do not know if it was a Cinemax movie however. It MAY have been a part of “Up all Night” but I am less certain about that.

What I can remember is that there were a bunch of hot scantily clad girls trying to take down some corporate meanie of some kind. I seem to remember them hanging out on a beach at one point. The villian would hold hot women as slaves to take care of him and his corporate meanies. He also kept them as nurishment. They would sit next to him at his corporate meanie meetings with her breasts out and a weird collar that connected to tubes and he would drink blood from the tubes. When they ran out of blood and fell over it would make a sound like when you try to drink from an empty soda, he would then yell for a fresh one. Any one have any ideas???

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