Weird British (?) movie about a rock musician dating an underage girl

Saw this movie when I was a kid, I think, (80s) and came across it again a few years ago, though I cannot recall the circumstances.

I believe it is British, from the 70s (or possibly early 80s, though I don’t think so).  Color, I’m pretty sure. May possibly have been made for TV. I May have seen it as a rerun on a European TV station.

The plot concerns an adult rock musician who engages in a romance with an underage girl of maybe 14, 15. I recall a scene where they meet on his boat, and later scenes where they party with the band.

The weird thing about the movie as I recall it, is that the filmmakers take the point of view that the couple is totally legit, and that the world is wrong for condemning them. In fact, I don’t recall the film ever even touching upon the possibility that the man is wrong to be with the girl who is so much his junior, but rather treating the romance as completely natural… It’s almost a sort of ‘social realism’ type treatment, but in reverse. If you get my drift.

I’d say the film has sort of a B-movie/low budget indie type feel to it.

Can’t swear that it’s a British production either, but 99.9% certain the language is English with British accents.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

6 thoughts on “Weird British (?) movie about a rock musician dating an underage girl

  1. No not it, but thanks for trying. Pretty sure the age difference in the one I’m talking about is more than 13-17.

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