weird asian movie from the 70’s or 80’s

I know this movie is weird, but i’d like to see it again, if only to remind myself that it was weird. 🙂

it was shown on broadcast television, late at night, in las vegas sometime in the 80’s I believe. It takes place in an Asian country, NOT in modern times. in one scene, a married man, of lower cast, owes a debt to a married man of higher cast. in exchange for not having to pay his debt, the lower man allows the higher man to have sex with him. the scene was graphic, and I was surprised it was shown on tv. in another part of the movie, two men are friends, probably more. when one of them dies, the surviving man arranges to keep the dead friend’s skin; we see that it the dead friend’s skin by the recognizable tattoos.

I wish I could remember more…

thanks for any assistance!

2 thoughts on “weird asian movie from the 70’s or 80’s

    1. hi, thanks for your response! i just watched a trailer for “Human Lanterns” and read the description, and that is not the move.

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