Watched Spanish movie channels

So I grew up watching Spanish channels that would air movies mostly nonpopular movies. And here is my movie…

The movie centered around a couple moving into a new town. The town was secretly a cult or pagan. On-screen they showed a person in a shop sacrificing a chicken. I can’t remember the plot but the big twist was, in the end, the man’s wife eventually joined the cult and he walking in on her set up for a sacrifice. I also remember the setting was in a barn. And the sacrifice area had many statues around it.

I saw this about ten or more years ago so it is not modern. I was also very young and the movie was on the Spanish channel UniMás (stylized as UniMÁS, and originally known as TeleFutura. The channel was called TeleFutura.

I know this is a far shot, hopefully, anyone can help me.

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