Visit me in my dreams

She’s high class and he’s not. I think it’s in black and white, old movie and I think it’s filmed in Europe.This movie starts out with this little girl and boy meeting in the garden so they can play together. For some reason she moves away and never sees the boy again. Then the girl is a married to a duke or something like that.The husband hires the boy, now a man to be a stable boy. They realize they are childhood sweethearts and fall in love. Her husband finds out they have plans to run away together and has the man arrested. She finds him and gets to him him one last time in the dungeon-like  cell he even has an ankle chain to prevent him from escaping. They agree to meet every night in each others dreams. She gives him some kind of memento that he keeps in the hay they give him for a bed. They live a life together and even see each other grow old together in their dreams. Then she dies and he also does.

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