Vintage movie with remote control to make people have sex

I am trying to find a movie where it starts with 2 girl on a limousine with a dude. They get attracted to the dude for a remote control toy which makes one have sex with another. The movie contained sex scenes in plane, a prison etc. There was a scene where a statue becomes human too and have sex. The whole story revolved around the remote control which makes people horny.

I saw the movie back in 2003/4.

4 thoughts on “Vintage movie with remote control to make people have sex

  1. Le Declic (1985). There was also a 1995 tv series called Click, which is the title of the Milo Manara graphic novel they were both based on.

    1. Unfortunately not. I guess the movie I was looking for was in fact some porn movie made on same theme.

    2. Wait it is indeed the show you mentioned “Click”.. all along I thought I had watched a movie 20 years ago but it was the tv show!!

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