Villain torturing victims in cages and using nail gun in final scene


This is a movie I watched as a kid in late 90s or maybe later, in early 2000s? Memory can be tricky.

Close to the final scene, a policeman and the Good Guy ( Maybe Bruce Willis? ) try to capture the villain, but he shoots them with a nail gun and bolts the policeman’s hand to the wall.

Then he drags the Good Guy by putting a belt on his neck and puts him in the cage.

Earlier in the movie there is a scene where some friend of the Good Guy is talking to him on the phone. Good Guy tells him “I will be there in 30 minutes” and hangs up.

Then his friend, apparently already captured by the villain, asks the villain: “Can we do it in 30 minutes?” or something like “Is 30 minutes enough?” – this was a bad Russian translation so it is not precise. Then by the time the Good Guy arrives, his friend is slaughtered and hanged onto some sort of conveyor, maybe for slaughtered cattle as well?

For some reason I remember that Bruce Willis was the Good Guy, and his friend is Steve Buscemi, but that might be a false memory, since I tried to cross references movies where both actors played and did not find it.


3 thoughts on “Villain torturing victims in cages and using nail gun in final scene

  1. Maybe Color of Night?
    It has Bruce Willis, a villain with a nail gun and Kevin O’Connor looks a little bit like Steve Buscemi.

  2. Thank you!!! This is it!
    I did read the IMDB plot summary and everything adds up.
    Kevin O’Connor definitely has this weird look that I could have mistaken for Steve Buscemi.
    For some reason I remembered it more as an action movie and not a thriller.
    Thanks again!

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