Video Camera In Classroom

I believe I saw this somewhere between the mid and late 1980s.  Possibly very early 90s at the very latest.  Saw it on TV, so I’m not absolutely sure if it was a movie or TV show.  I think it was a movie, though.  There was a teacher sitting at his desk in front of a classroom of students.  For some reason, the teacher pushed a button, and a panel opened up on the front wall, exposing a video camera.  I think it was in response to suspecting that somebody was cheating or something.  Somebody in the classroom may have been fumbling with a cast on his arm, and may have had something hidden in it.  That part is fuzzy, but I definitely remember the video camera part clearly.   Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “Video Camera In Classroom

    1. I was probably age 5 when I last saw this. Didn’t even know who Chevy Chase or Dan Aykroyd was at the time. What a pleasant surprise. Gonna watch the entire movie now. No idea why this stuck in my brain after all these years. 33 year mystery solved.

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