Very super strange 90s tv movie

There was this movie I watched in, maybe, early or mid 90s, and it was a tv movie, of that I’m sure. Besides for that, I remember very strange things: there was a woman, I think she had a daughter, and maybe they were in a park, when something happened (a car crash, maybe) and somehow the woman went to a parallel world, or so it seemed, because she started finding proofs that that was her real world. There was something about a watch, and a note hidden with or within the watch.

What I remember best is the ending: the woman went to the park and gazed while another woman, who was identical to her, was speaking with her daughter. When that “fake main character” noticed her, I think she run, or maybe they fight.

It was suuuuper random.

(This said, I’m so grateful for this webpage, you are making a 90s girl very happy, filling up some gaps in my memory)

3 thoughts on “Very super strange 90s tv movie

    1. So I found the whole thing and I checked and not I’m not thaaaaat sure that it is the same movie. In the one I remember, the woman was seeing the car accident from outside, and also, a memory I just got, she actually threw the “fake” herself to the car, to kill her. Rings that one any bell? :S

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