Unknown Western

I watched this movie late 90’s to early 2000’s, it was in English and in color. The movie is about two black brothers (not revealed to be brothers until later I think?) One is considered an outlaw by the corrupt bad guys, and the other is tasked with hunting him down. The one scene I remember clearly is the hunter brother “kills” the hero, and they hold a funeral service for him. The bad guys of course are in attendance, and either halfway through or at the end of the service the hero, having faked his death, pops out of the coffin dual revolvers blazing. Small detail: During the hunt for the hero, the hunter brother shoots another hunter in the hand to prevent him from getting to his brother first. He then makes a remark about how he hopes that the man can shoot “southpaw”

2 thoughts on “Unknown Western

    1. I checked it, but the plots don’t match up. There are 2 brothers in the movie I’m looking for, and there isn’t a funeral scene like I remember. Good try though. Another detail: In the beginning of the movie the brothers (as children) and their mother live in a cabin, one night the bad guys come for the family One brother runs out the back, and to fool the pursuers the mother grabs a gun and shoots at him and he acts like he gets shot dead. Don’t remember what context though. I could very well be mistaken and they could be white leads, but I’m pretty sure they are both black.

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