Unknown indie movie

I can’t remember the name of the movie or the actors. It’s about a sad man whose father is in the hospital, he meets a woman with a unique name and they start dating. The man has two close friends and one of them is a slightly bigger guy and the other an average sized guy. The average sized guy is jealous of the main character because he’s been spending all of his time with his new girlfriend. So he ambushes her at a party and rapes her while the other friend records it on his cell phone to get back at him. The main character goes back to his house and finds his two friends sitting in his living room, the smaller friend shows him the recording and the main character stabs his friend. The larger friend tries to run away and he blocks the knife attack with his hand and his hand is split open. The main character goes into the bedroom and finds his girlfriend unconscious in the bed and takes walks her out of the house to get help.

It’s in english, looked like an independent film. I watched it 4 – 5 years ago.

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