There was a scene I saw from a movie/tv show/whatever. It involves a woman presumably in the woods camping alone. It is at night and she is typing on a laptop either as a journal entry or chatting with someone. She then hears a noise…probably howling (cant remember exactly)? she types something of the sort like “what was that?” The tent is then ripped open as she is attacked with blood squirting onto the laptop. I am fairly certain it was an animal but I could be wrong.

This is the only scene I saw. I dont have an approximate date that I saw it but pretty sure it was 2007 or before that. The scene was in English and color. It didnt seem like a low budget type and with the laptop in the scene I feel like that can probably narrow the production date to say….sometime after 70’s or 80’s even. I dont recall if this was something someone in my family rented or if it was on TV.

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