Typical “Teen Wishes to Be More Popular” movie, I think?

I don’t remember the exact year I watched this movie, but it must have been around the late 90’s or early 2000’s. It was in English, and in color.

Basically, this boy wishes he was more popular. I don’t remember who grants this wish, but there was a contract of some sort, I believe?


His wish comes true: he does become cooler, and more popular. Somehow his popular sister (who was always mean to him) is suddenly a huge geek (who is nice to him), and he’s the one everyone at school wants to hang out with.


He also has a romance with this popular girl, who was a teen idol of some sort?

It turns out, this girl also made a wish to be more popular. Before her wish, she was taller than everyone in their grade and very unpopular. She also had a thing for the protagonist when they were younger. Her mother also collects… garden gnomes, I think? I can’t remember exactly, but her mother collected things that were Pretty Embarrassing if you were a teenager, and she forgot to wish that part away.

I can’t remember anything else, so sorry if this is vague. It’s driving me a little crazy not remembering what movie this is. I’ve tried Google, but I couldn’t find anything.

Hope someone can help!

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