Two kids playing – Arrow + bow = wounded

I wiill be very schematic. The movie is quite recent (I would say not older than 10 years but is probably a lot more recent than that).

  • kids A and B are playing the garden
  • kids A asks his father (father A) if they can play with the bow
  • father A says yeah no problem do what you want I’m on the phone (or something like that, he was quite busy and careless, wife is not home)
  • one of the kids (kids B) ends up with an arrow in the chest or something. goes to the hospital and probably into a coma
  • father B (father of the kid in the hospital) will blame father A for being such an irresponsible idiot
  • father A was careless and irresponsible because he was either on the phone with his lover (cheating) or even speaking with the woman who was hiding in the house.


Something like that….pleeeeeease.

9 thoughts on “Two kids playing – Arrow + bow = wounded

  1. GG your the king but how am I going to catch up with you if you only take these softball ones. I challenge you to a duel of solving the unsolvable’s!

  2. is it WNTTAK? i don’t really remember this scene. but the particulars (parental negligence, bow & arrow) made it seem like a reasonable guess.

    my hours just got weird – and no wi-fi at work, so…
    but i should have a look at those ‘unsolved’s. i never dug back that far. game on!

  3. You are thinking of Episode 48 of “The Sopranos” which is called “Whoever Did This”.

    “While Ralph Cifaretto’s 12-year-old son Justin and a friend are playing an unsupervised game of The Lord of the Rings with a bow and arrows, Justin is inadvertently shot in the chest by an arrow. The maid bangs loudly on Ralph’s bathroom door when he is taking a bath, urging him to come to Justin’s aid. Ralph rushes outside to see his son lying on the ground bleeding and unconscious. Justin is quickly rushed to the hospital, where he remains in a coma. In the hospital waiting room, Ralph lashes out in rage against his ex-wife and her husband (who were accusing him of failed supervision) and at the boy who injured his son.”

  4. OMG thanks you are right it was an episode of sopranos I watched the whole series but would have never thought about it! I will love this website, I have these flashes really very often….I’ll see how it works to close the thread.

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