Two Australian Outback Brothers

Movie begins with an old lady who catches a young black man trying to steal her gold coin(s) from her apartment. She sits him down at gun point and begins to tell him the story of the coin(s). Her father and uncle were from the Australian outback. They had a fall out because of a French whore who the uncle would visit but her father fell in love with her and married her. The French whore ends up drowning herself and the uncle, who is good with guns,  leaves for Turkey to go find a rebel who stole $50,000 in gold coins. Her father follows the uncle to Turkey to get revenge. The uncle does find the rebel and the gold coins but looses the gold in an attempt at saving the rebel’s wife, who is pregnant, from the Turkish army. The old lady turns out to be that baby, which was picked up by her father–sole survivor– after the fighting.

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