TV show spoofing Usual Suspects

NOTE: This kind of gives spoilers for the movie Usual Suspects movie.
I can’t remember if it was Everybody Loves Raymond, or King of Queens, but I recall a scene where the wife is trying to get the husband to open up about a traumatic incident he had as a child.  He starts telling some story about two bullies and twinkies or something.  Then he walks away.  The wife and friend?doctor? (I really can’t remember) realize that every detail in his story is taken from things he sees around him, ie: the bullies names are William and Mary, which he got from seeing a degree from the William and Mary college, just like the end of the Usual Suspects. I’ve been looking at the episode recaps of both tv shows, but can’t seem to find that episode.  Maybe it’s a different tv show altogether?  Please help 😀

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