TV series with a woman who dies of illness in the last episode and a cat hiding under the bed?

I only saw a few minutes of a tv show, it could have been the last episode.

I know it’s post-2012 because that’s when I got my dvd recorder that I saw it on.

All I remember is a woman (pretty sure it was a woman) who was dying, and she was lying in a bed, in a house, and there was a cat asleep on the bed with her. Then the woman died, and people were moving around, in and out of the room, and the cat was hiding under the bed (it might have been hissing or just looking scared) but no one remembered the cat under the bed? I think the cat might have been white?

if anyone remembers what this is from, please help me find it? Thank you. (posted over at reddit as well for maximum help)

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