TV series, comedy about crazy family adventures

Few years ago I’ve seen the TV show, which contains few seasons (fron 3 to 5, don’t remember). It was about family, which had to carry something to the conference of dad’s work through all the USA, to Florida, or other warm place 😅

At their road were a lot of adventures and strange funny situations. For example, they were chased by crazy wife’s sister, which thought that the family carries drugs, and she wanted to stop them with her hippie boyfriend. Also they’ve lost this package in the car service. In the end of this line dad met his boss and there happened a conflict between them, in the result dad resigned from his work.

The next events were happening while the family was on the run, because they commit something illegal. Wife had a criminal father which lived in Cuba, or something like that.

They came to Alaska and settled there. The husband decided to work at the fishing boat. He was sending money to home but all of them were stolen by a daughter. In the end she also stole an expensive car of her boyfriend and run away from home.

That’s all I remember. Please heeelp, I could not find this show for ages!!

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