TV Movie, 70’s, Not “The Giant Eel”

I was young when I saw this movie or TV movie. It would have been in the early to mid 70’s.  I remember young children being the stars. A vague memory of a boy and the eel was his friend.

He swam under a boat dock or a bridge looking for something and came upon an moray eel.  I remember him not being afraid of the eel which seemed strange to me. I also remember it being strange that he spent so much time under water.

The movie was not “The Giant Eel”.  The child(ren) spoke English.

5 thoughts on “TV Movie, 70’s, Not “The Giant Eel”

  1. I been trying to remember it also,it may have been on kukula,fran and ollie.The kids were in an old rock quarry and the eel was living in an old truck.They were trying to catch it.?

    1. OMG, Yes, I’ve been trying to find this movie as-well. Loved it as a kid. I due remember the children were Englush (UK), speaking and the quarry or swamp-hole was outside a run down factory, building of some type.
      Don’t remrmber name, but searched every know senero I could.Please keep me posted. Just loved it!

  2. I remember a movie like that and have been trying to find it. I remember it being Eastern European. I remember the name of the eel was pronounced something like “pip peppa kachoo”

  3. Old movie I recall was. My tri a pes z petipes … Played on imdb in the 70s. About kids in a quarry trying to capture a eel. I cannot find anyway to watch it. No streaming. No YouTube, no nothing….

    1. I remember and have been looking also. All your memories are correct. I also remember at the end of the movie the two boys were talking, they didn’t catch the eel. I believe one boy might have been visiting someone maybe for summer vacation but he had to leave and said he would be back next summer and they would try again.

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