TV episode about 3 detectives

Can’t quite remember if this was from the 90s or early 2000s.  What I do remember is that there were 3 men, they were detectives or something.  They were working on a case that involved a sex therapist.  They show two of the guys at their appointments with her, and her catch phrase seems to be “Cowabunga!”  With one of the guys, they were running around her apartment/office in their underwear, spraying each other with whipped cream, and she’s  yelling “Cowabunga!” At the end of the episode, the oldest of the three guys says the catch phrase, and the other two look at him in surprise, like they didn’t know he had gone to see the woman either.

2 thoughts on “TV episode about 3 detectives

  1. Okay, admin, I’ve done this before, and I’m so sorry. I saw an old episode of Silver Spoons, and realized Erin Gray played the therapist and looked her up on IMDB. The show was called Dark Justice, and the episode was called the Specialist. My bad!

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