trying to rape

I saw a movie when I was maybe 10……I just remember a guy came near a cabin with a girl in a car…….the guy then made the girl wear a lipstick with his own hands……she looked scared and it looked like that she was scared….then she entered the cabin.There was a guy inside, the whole thing looked like that the guy was forcing her to have sex.Then suddenly the guy started screaming(it seemed that the scene was cut).The girl might have damaged his penis. Then the girl went out running out of the cabin.There was a dog screaming at the girl.She got into the car and suddenly the guy with blood around his underwear came out with a gun. The dog saw the blood and suddenly looked like it attacked it on that spot.They didn’t showed the scene but the movement of the camera looked like it. that’s it this is all I can remember and sorry for my bad english.

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