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Hi everyone,

In the mid 80s in the UK I watched a kids’ movie on TV in colour about a group of kids/teenagers who were able to travel through electronic devices. They could just kind of leap into them and travel at the speed of light to different places, and possibly through time as well. I only have a clear memory of one of the final scenes where the protagonist is sentenced to death and given one last request before execution. They choose to watch TV one last time as a cunning plan to escape. The executioners say something like “it’s 5 in the morning – there’s nothing on TV at this time,” but the wish is granted anyway. A TV is wheeled to them and the kid jumps into it, evading execution.

I’d be so grateful for any help with this.

Best wishes

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  1. I think this is the same show I was looking for, Jamie (, and I’d love to know what it is too.

    I saw it in the mid to late ’70s during the Saturday morning kids’ programming slot on CBC in Canada (the CBC often broadcasts BBC productions). I believe the execution scene happened at the Tower of London because I couldn’t understand why old-timey-looking Beefeaters would have a television set (I didn’t know at the time that they still wear those uniforms). I distinctly remember the executioner asking the kid if he was enjoying the show even though there clearly was nothing on the TV but static.

    Hopefully this helps jog someone’s memory.

    1. Hi Jan

      Nice to hear from you. Definitely sounds like the same film. It seems you have a clearer memory of it than me because I couldn’t even remember if the main character was male or female!

      I’m not holding out much hope because you posted a similar synopsis to mine over two years ago and there’s no resolution. Still nice to find someone in the same predicament.

      Love from England to Canada.


  2. Yes! That’s it! Thank you, jennagain – you’ve made my year. If you’re ever in Cambridgeshire, England, let me know and I’ll buy you a beer.

    P.S. Sorry if this comment appears twice – I posted it but it didn’t show up.

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