trap on ship

i don’t quite remember the date but i think i watch it on televisyen about 10 to 15 years ago.. i think it is a chinese movie or maybe hong kong..and it is a movie I can gurantee that.. it is a coloured movie.. the only thing i remember that there was this guy and a girl that are trapped inside a ship together.. and i think that ship is own by that guy.. at first that guy doesn’t realize that the girl was on his ship.. at first the guy doesn’t like this girl.. he lent this girl his clothing but the clothing is too big that the girl had too tied it with a rope.. and that guy make the girl to do a lot of chores.. there was also a scene where this girl was eating and orange and the juice drip onto her neck.. and i think after they both escape from the ship, the guy had a tatto and if i am not mistaken, it is a bell tattoo.. does anybody recognize this movie..

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