Transportation cop movie?

It may be from the 90’s or even early 2000’s. A man (maybe some type of alien) can automatically warp/turn into another person’s body just by touching them. A cop or detective is after him as he moves through a crowded area jumping from person to person. I only saw a short scene from this movie and even though it’s almost exactly like the Denzel Washington movie FALLEN it is NOT. The guy/cop chasing him is white and the tranporter is some type of alien not a demon. Thanks for the help!

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    1. It may be this, I’d have to watch it and see. I think at one point he does turn into a stripper and one of the IMDB photos look like the scene I remember. I never watched the full movie just the part where the cop chases him through the streets, and he keeps jumping from person to person.

      1. Well, I did watch the Hidden and from the trailer I had high hopes, but sadly that wasn’t it either. From what I remember the bad guy (transporter) is 30ish good looking and in good shape, so the Hidden alien guy was too old. But he looks more like the cop chasing him. Also, he only changes into a hooker/stripper for a short period while running through the streets and in/out of places. I watched the whole Hidden movie and didn’t see the scene I remember so well. The scene I remember is alot like that early scene in FALLEN where he’s on a crowded street bumping into people changing from person to person but he’s being chased. I started watching it just as he comes out of a club/bar or possibly a movie theater and the street is crowded with people and cars. He jumps over a hood of a car and then I think he turns into the driver and gets away. Hope this helps.

  1. is not the obvious of terminator 2,the T-1000?………………but i bet youre thinking of the one from like 1980s…theres a good one and a bad one..very much….who crashed into the wrong planet and the other one was chasing him through space…maybe turn down my music..itll come to me….i know i watched it…ah…….is it the peacekeeper?? …they mutate to regain “life” etc… like milky white “blood”

    1. um, no this looks nothing like I remember. thanks tho. oh n def not T movie. But it may be as old as 80’s.

    1. no darn it’s not that one either. the movie is not evil or devilish and I’m pretty sure I wud of recognized Swartzeneger, lol

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